• Sustainability Director
  • Music Maker
  • Event Producer
  • Media & Campaign Strategist




A Little About Julia

I grew up in a small valley in Southern Oregon, and the wild was my great escape, inspiration, and foundation for what has become a lifelong love affair with ecology, anthropology, and environmental advocacy. At eight years old with a tree branch in hand, I marched down the road chanting to save the trees as our community desperately tried to defend the surrounding mountains from the constant threat of clearcutting.

Moments like these have shaped the fabric of my environmental politics and worldview. Through my education at UCLA and my career, I have focused on the intersection between environmental stewardship, and societies both in pop culture and traditional ways of life.

Through the use of digital media, art, immersive experiences, and influencers, there is great opportunity to educate and inspire individuals and communities around the world to celebrate and advocate for our planet. It is our duty and privilege to live passionately and sustainably. It is my life’s purpose to relentlessly fight for the survival of that of which fosters all life.