I went down to Salt Lake City for the Peaceful Uprising Solidarity March in support of Tim DeChristopher.  Tim is responsible for uprooting an illegitimate land auction put on by the Bush administration.  He walked into a room filled with oil company reps and proceeded to bid on 22,000 acres of land thus throwing off the whole auction and saving land.   He was put on trial facing 2 felonies and 10 years in prison.   A movement has formed around his action and an overwhelming amount of supporters have lent their time and energy.  What was so unique and striking about this demonstration were all the smiling faces.  People of all ages came out and despite the cold our spirits were burning bright. With songs from Peter Yarrow and Edward Sharp, puppet shows and beating drums, wise words from Daryl Hannah and many others.  So many people who passionately believe in a better world through the preservation of our environment came to march in streets with joy in their hearts.

I sat in the courtroom just a few seats behind Tim as the jury selection began.  He looked so young, brave yet overwhelmed.  Since returning to LA I have learned that he was convicted. I am unsure as to what his charges will be.  Unfortunately we have a long way to come as a nurturing society, but seeing everyone that day in the street in front of the courthouse is testament to the strength of the people!