Speaking & Moderating

I’m available to speak, and moderate panels, on topics like the below:

  • Having an Unorthodox and Organic Career Approach
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Plastic Pollution
  • Zero Waste 
  • Non Violent Civil DisobedienceEnvironmental Activism
  • Environmental Politics
  • Mobilizing for Your Cause

You’ll usually find me speaking in these kinds of spaces: 

  • Colleges, Universities, and High Schools
  • Places of Faith, and Community Spaces
  • Organizations and Companies
  • Salons and Events

I’m passionate about teaching people what I’ve learned so far:

  • Most of us don’t have a professional roadmap – my goal is to ensure that people know that’s okay. 
  • As a long time activist, campaigner, and entrepreneur, I love using both my career, and also my lived experience, as proof that having an unorthodox and organic career approach is survivable, and thrivable. 
  • The more we use our moral compass as our professional north star, the more empowered we become to take on each phase of our lives with strength and focus, and to bring about goodness in the world. 
  • My 15+ year career touches many facets of the environmental and social good spaces. I love facilitating meaningful dialogue with fascinating people covering critical issues. I’m available to moderate both virtual, and in-person, events.

Campaigns & Organize

I work in these kinds of roles:

  • Campaign manager (Environmental / Political)
  • Consult to governments, NGO’s, community groups, and companies on environmental initiatives. 
  • Produce short form (Celebrity / Influencer) PSAs and films.
  • Produce community and educational events showcasing environmental justice issues.

I have over a decade of experience co-producing live and virtual events, from environmental justice campaigns and initiatives, to national political campaigns. I’m a proven team leader, relentless organizer, and accustomed to working across global time zones.

I am available on a project basis to consult and/or manage campaigns.

Zero Waste Consulting

I help companies, governments, and individual households minimize their waste stream, and maximize their reusability. My consultations cover the below areas, and more:

  • Household Cleaning and Beauty Products
  • Waste Management (Compost, Recyclable, Landfill)
  • Overall Opportunities to Swap Single Use Items with Reusables
  • Fridge / Kitchen / Pantry
  • Wardrobe / Apparel / Uniforms

The truth is, a zero waste 100% toxic free lifestyle is next to impossible for most modern households and businesses. It’s an aspiration, a moving goal post, an ambition to walk towards as we continually examine our footprint on this planet. My goal is to help everyone shift towards a more sustainable, regenerative, and healthy lifestyle. I do this through conducting an initial audit of your buildings, having a series of discussions, and following up with product and practice recommendations.

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