Amazonia Viva!


On December 6th, 2014, hundreds of indigenous peoples from the Peruvian Amazon and their allies used their bodies to create a human banner on Agua Dulce beach in Lima, Peru parallel to the UN COP20 climate summit to demonstrate the importance of guaranteeing territorial rights in addressing climate change.

The words Pueblos + Derechos = Bosques Vivos (“Peoples + Rights = Living Forests”) and an image of Pachamama illustrated the significance of a holistic indigenous concept of the Amazonian environment and is a perspective often overlooked in the global climate conversation. Scientific studies confirm that where indigenous peoples benefit from their territorial rights, deforestation and other extractive industries that coincide with climate change are reduced. This work of art was the third act of a trilogy that was initiated at the 2009 World Social Forum ("Save the Amazon") and continued at the Rio +20 Summit ("Rivers for Life").

The Team
John Quigley /Spectral Q - Producer, Aerial Art Director
Amazon Watch - Producer
AIDESEP - Local Partner
Shipibo Community - Local Partner

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