Arcadia Woodlands Tree Defenders

Arcadia 4 Justice

Against the better judgement of the Arcadia Community, over 200 old growth oak & sycamore trees were violently destroyed on January 12th, 2011 by the Los Angeles Department of Public Works.  Joined by John Quigley, Andrea Robinson & Travis Jochimsen, I climbed high into one of the threatened trees in a last attempt to save the woodlands.

After witnessing the absolute carnage of an entire ecosystem for 18 hours, all 4 of us were removed from the trees & thrown in jail. We were to spend the ensuing 7 months in a legal battle fighting multiple charges, additional jail time, and tens of thousands of dollars in fines & restitution. With the incredible support of the extended community, the media, our lawyer, Daryl Hannah & Ed Begley Jr., all the charges and fines were eventually dropped.


The clear cutting project was carried out under Board of Supervisor Michael Antonovich's sediment removal plan for the near by Santa Anita Dam. Despite Fish and Game’s lack of approval for the project, and severe inadequacy of public notice, the entire 12 acres of once prisine nature was clear cut & remains barren to this day,almost 4 years later.

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