Campanha Defenda os Corais da Amazônia


The sands of Copacabana beach have gained different colors and shapes this Wednesday morning, March 29. About 600 people were there in an artistic intervention for the Campaign Defend the Corals of the Amazon . The action was articulated by Greenpeace in partnership with the American artist John Quigley, famous for its installations of giant proportions, to be sighted from the sky. In the Rio de Janeiro, the drawing was 100 meters long.

These people joined the more than 800,000 who signed our petition asking the French company Total and British BP not to drill the seabed near the corals to search for oil. "When we make this drawing for the Corals of the Amazon, we become spokespeople for life. For the life of fish, corals and all life forms that do not speak our human tongue, "said John.

Of the group that participated in the action, about 200 were students of public schools in Rio de Janeiro. To take them there, Greenpeace spent weeks talking to teachers and principals about the importance of protecting the Amazonian Corals.

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